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What's bespoke software?

Software that's designed for you - it's that simple.

Bespoke software enables businesses to streamline data entry, accounts, risk management and automate tasks. The possibilities are endless.

Benefits of bespoke software, custom made software, tailor made software, your own software

  • Tailored specifically to your requirements.
  • Always designed for the future, adding new functionality is a breeze.
  • Automated backups offered - keeping your data safe.
  • Slow? Not acceptable. All our software is tested with intense benchmarks, ensuring optimum performance.

Did you know?

The first webcam was created in Cambridge to check the status of a coffee pot.

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Here are some scenarios...

Software for Plumbers

The Plumber

It's becoming increasingly difficult to track customer relations.

Software Solution
  • Database to store all telephone calls, emails, call outs and accounts / invoices.
  • Web based, it's accessible anywhere - even from a mobile.
Software for Shopkeepers

The Shopkeeper

Has an online shop, the suppliers frequently change their stock.

Software Solution
  • Automatically download and import suppliers stock daily.
  • Notifications of any discontinued stock.

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